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The AAC Crew!

Happy AAC Awareness Month!!

As I have mentioned in other posts, I work at an approved private school for students with severe disabilities and complex communication needs. Our school does not have an assistive technology department that specializes in the area of AAC, so I am trying to make that happen! To get started, I have initiated an AAC Committee, called the AAC Crew, and I want to share how we're getting started!

Our first meeting was this week and it was great! Around 30 people came to our first meeting which was held at the end of the day. During our hour long meeting, we discussed our ideas and plans for how we can create more accessible communication for our students. There was so much passion and dedication at the meeting that I left feeling inspired! In this post, I want to share what our AAC Crew is, what we plan on doing, and how we will accomplish our plans this year!

In the following video, I am sharing this information and more about my exciting new venture at my school! I hope this is helpful and encouraging to anyone who wants to start a similar group at their workplace. Please email or get in touch with me on instagram to share how you build AAC collaboration in your setting!

P.S. I have recently opened a store on Teachers Pay Teachers! Please feel free to check it out:

Thank you so much for your support!!