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Using Gifs in Google Slides to Make Core Words FUN!

Has this September felt like the longest month in history to anyone else?! While part of me can't believe it is already almost October, the other part of me feels like September was approximately 10 years long!!

As I have written in previous posts, I love to use the Google Drive to streamline my lesson planning and create activities for core vocabulary instruction. In today's post, I am sharing a video about how I use Google Slides to introduce and teach my words of the week.

For my students, this is week 4 of the Core Words of the Week Approach. They seem to look forward to the Monday afternoon "Core Word Parties" where we sing, dance, and say the words of the week.

In this video, I am sharing how to use GIFs in Google Slides to make presentations even more engaging and fun for students! It is really simple once you learn how to insert them using Google. I hope this post is helpful and I would love to hear how you use GIFs and Google Slides in your therapy sessions!